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Growing pyrethrum is both a skill and a way of life for many growers. Pyrethrum plants can produce as many as 400 flowers per plant and grow best in locations with well-drained, volcanic soils and temperate climates such as in China, East Africa and Australia/New Zeland. The pyrethrum plant can be highly sensitive to soil and weather conditions, so commercial production of pyrethrum presents numerous challenges to the grower. To learn more about growing pyrethrum, click on a link below.  


Pyrethrum has been grown for well over a thousand years. The commercial production of Pyrethrum began in China to supply the demand for pyrethrum along the silk route and in Europe. For reasons unknown, pyrethrum production moved to the Dalmatia coast and again to Japan prior to WWII. Post WWII presented a new era for pyrethrum farming when production was moved to East Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda where soil and temperature conditions are ideal.

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